How to Print

After you buy a print, you will get an email with the file you just purchased. These files can be printed in 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 sizes. If you need a higher resolution file, please first get the exact size from your printing partner and then contact me and I can send you what you need.

With this file, you can print from home (if you have a decent color printer), or use one of the options below to get it printed.


If you search for “photo labs near me”, you should find some local shops. This is the best option if you don’t have much experience working with digital files. Just a heads up though–your print may be printed on photo paper, so there may be a slight sheen. I personally rarely use photo printing, as I don’t like the sheen.


This would be like OfficeDepot or Fedex Office. Every copy shop will be different. They'll have different size printers and papers so be sure to ask them how big they can print, and what papers they have in the size you want. I personally use and like Gordon’s (Jason is the guy to speak to). They are local to me but do offer shipping. 


You can also email your purchased file to an online printer. I personally have used and like Studio Print and Prints of Love, although my prints have come back too dark sometimes. If this is the case, you need to ask your printer to reprint lighter. 

I have also signed with Altus, which means they can legally offer high-end printing and framing of my art.


Personally, I love using copy shops and printing on matte card stock and canvas. This can be done fairly cheaply.

For reference, a good average price for a copy shop to print a 16x20 on canvas (no mounting) is about $20.

I also like to get my prints dry mounted on foam core. I like to do this because:

  • They keep their shape
  • They can be leaned on a shelf for display
  • They can even be put on your wall with straight pins (no big holes in your wall, and a very clean modern look)
  • Any frame shop can do this


  • Every print shop prints differently, And every computer screen is set to different tones/colors/lighting which can change the pieces.
  • If you are not happy with the printed version, most printers will reprint until you are satisfied.
  • Please remember that any variance between what you see on your monitor and your printed piece is due to differences in screen settings and printer setup.
  • You are getting a DIGITAL file that you then take to a printing partner. I don't offer any physical prints.


Please remember these are pieces of art that have been created by me, and help support my family. They are copyrighted and protected.

For personal use only

You can print it as many times as you want, and even use them for gifts/handouts but please never share the digital file with anyone for any reason. (Exception is your printer of course.)

Do not make a profit off of my art

This means you can never sell my art pieces in any way. Or the digital file. Even splitting the cost with a friend and "sharing" the digital file is considered stealing.

Do not change or alter the art in anyway

Taking a portion of the image and making another piece of art is considered stealing. So is copying the image into another art form. I also ask that you don't crop or change the color/tone/lighting. If you want something custom, please reach out and discuss it! I'd love to hear your ideas :)

Using prints on social media

If you want to share my art on social media, I would consider it an honor - just please remember to credit my website, my handle @RestorationPrints, or my name Haley Miller when you do.

Thank you for your support and integrity. I'm truly grateful!