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Remove This Cup (Frame TV)

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I am 4 of 8 children. Of the 8 there is one son. My brother has been through some rough times including serving in the Afghan war. I asked him to model for this piece because of his experiences with the darkness of humanity. He did an amazing job - which is sad because it not only shows the suffering of my brother here on earth, but the sufferings of my brother Jesus Christ.

I once heard a talk given in church where the speaker taught that Christ is the only one who will ever have to experience the total withdrawal of Heavenly help and presence. And that by being willing to face that in the midst of His darkest and deepest pain, He knew it would protect us all from ever having to experience being utterly alone because He promises to be there through all of our darkness. ⁠

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Once you checkout, you will receive an email with a digital file that you can then take/send to a printer. That file should be good to print up to 16inch x 20inch in size.

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I like your frames. Where are they from?

The frames and furniture you see in the images are renderings, which means they are just digital props to help display my art. I recommend looking at Hobby Lobby as I've had a good experience with them and their prices are reasonable. They can also help you with other ways to display your prints (such as dry mounting on foamcore).